"If you're ready to take your business and life to a higher level, then listen to my friend Coach Brett Davenport. He's a person who truly cares about helping you to achieve success and happiness!"

James Malinchak

Featured on ABC Hit TV Show "Secret Millionaire"
Co-Author, Chicken Soup for the College Soul
“2-Time National College Speaker of the Year”
Founder, www.BigMoneySpeaker.com


“Simply, Brett Davenport is the most Positive, Passionate, Honest and Intelligent Leader (in every sense of the word) I have ever met!!!!”

Ross Kraft, LUTCF, GBDS

Vice President, Employee Benefits at Brown and Brown


"I began working with Brett as my personal coach approximately 4 years ago and my experience has exceeded my already high expectations. Like many people in my type of position, I have had the opportunity to work with several business coaches over the years. While I have always had positive experiences with all of them, Brett brings a level of accountability that no one else does. He really takes the time to learn what is important to me and my success and holds me accountable to that. There is no hiding. If I think that something is an important goal he is going to see it through with me. The thing that impresses me most about Brett is how we can talk about so many different things that I have on my plate, but he makes sure I prioritize and zone in on the most important items ("Major in the Majors"). I find this actually relieves stress as I am able to put my goals in "bite size" pieces, making me more productive. I have not yet had a goal that we could not accomplish and I do not set small goals. If you decide to partner with Brett you will not be sorry. Good luck with your decision."

       Jeff Duckworth, President of Retail Distribution

       John Hancock Investments


"I have been fortunate enough to work closely with Brett Davenport for the last 27 years. During that time I have seen an individual who is focused, passionate and professional in all dealings in his life. Over the past 6 years Brett has become my "Coach" and during this time I have attained goals that just a few short years ago I would have deemed impossible. During our time together my income has increased dramatically each year and will reach a record level this year, yet again. I have run 3 half marathons and the Boston Marathon in the last 12 months; 6 years ago I couldn't run a mile! My career path has accelerated and I have attained positions within my organization that I could only have imagined prior to working with Brett. While my career involves a tremendous amount of travel, Brett has helped me balance my life and set specific goals to spend high quality time with my wife and 5 children. This year it culminated in a trip to Ireland to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary. When Brett "coaxed" me into setting this goal 3 years ago I secretly knew that it was virtually impossible to attain from a financial perspective. This impossible dream became a reality and my family enjoyed a trip that will be remembered for a lifetime. Coach Davenport is one of the greatest motivators and leader of people that I have had the privilege to meet. His accountability philosophy and understanding of human behavior has allowed me to become a much better leader. With his guidance I have been able to put into place repeatable processes that allow me to manage and motivate my team to greater success each year.

If you are looking to achieve your most sought after goals in your personal as well as professional life then look no further than Coach Davenport. He is a proven winner, whether on the golf course, on the gridiron, in a marathon or in the boardroom. Take your life and your profession to the pinnacle, work with Brett!"

        Christopher W. Mee, Executive Vice President

        National Sales Director of Liquid Alternative Investments at Realty Capital Securities

"This letter is to express my appreciation for the work you are doing with me, my partner, and our firm. Prior to working with you, Mick Edwards and I were operating like two separate entities that were sharing facilities, administrative support and expenses. Our sales and marketing efforts lack focus, and our results were simply acknowledged for what they were. We thought things were "OK", if not spectacular.

In the 6 years that we have worked with you, it has become evident to me that we did not know what we did not know... and, that we could be doing much, much, better. You have brought us to an understanding of the importance of setting goals, measuring our progress toward stated goals and holding each other accountable for our specific responsibilities. It is with great pleasure that I can write to you that we feel that we are "on purpose" with respect to our desire and efforts to grow our business, and that we have a growing sense of optimism and confidence that our goals will be met.

We know that momentum can be both elusive and temporary, Brett. Due to your help, I feel that we have it now... and more importantly, we know why we have it. The work and progress must continue and I am glad that you are with us on this "journey!"

         Karl V Kimball, CLU, CHFC

         Strategic Wealth Partners, LLC  -  Partner

"I am writing this note of reference to provide insight into the leadership qualities and abilities that one of my first and greatest mentors possess. Mr. Brett Davenport was my General Manager at Prudential Insurance in Bedford, NH from 1994-1999. For 1 year as a Prudential Agent and 4 years as a Sales Manager, Brett provided me with his leadership and guidance. Brett's ability to motivate, teach and to bring the best out of people is superlative. He has an uncanny ability to look at people's actions and map them to their goals and identify action items to increase and maximize productivity out of individuals, managers , teams and organizations. Brett holds himself and the people around him accountable for not only their actions, but their responsibilities. He is without a doubt, the largest reason for my success in both my business and my personal life. Brett is truly a great friend. leader, teacher and mentor!

         Joseph Wetmore, President/Co-Founder

         ClearBridge Technology Group


"It comes as no surprise that, yet again, last year was our best revenue year for our firm. So the saying goes, "You are either running your business, or it's running you." It is so easy to get caught up in the minutia of business and life and get off track from spending the effort to focus on the right activities that make a successful business.

Through your coaching and guidance, we have truly learned the importance of goal setting, monitoring progress of stated goals and accountability. To some this may sound like basics 101, but I would argue most professionals don't honestly implement these and most importantly, follow through on them consistently with clarity and precision like we have with your guidance and coaching. It is simply the heartbeat of our business now!

I am thankful for your professionalism as a coach and grateful for our relationship as friends. Thank you, Brett, for doing what you do! You have certainly made a significant difference in the direction of our firm over the past 6 years!"

          Michael G. Edwards, CIMA, CRPC
          Strategic Wealth Partners, LLC  -  Partner


"It is my pleasure to write this letter of recommendation on behalf of Mr. Brett Davenport. I know Brett in my role as Athletic Director for the Auburn Enlarged City School District. Brett began working with our Ice Hockey team 6 years ago at a time when the program was struggling. We had capable coaches, strong willed parents and athletes that were uncertain about whether they wanted to commit to the program. Mr. Davenport is an integral part of the coaching staff that has significantly improved our hockey team over the past 6 years. He helped to refine the vision for our program and he utilized his strong communication abilities to articulate that program vision to others. Brett is articulate and, equally as important, he is a skilled listener. Mr. Davenport is an effective communicator whose abilities have had a positive impact on the develoment of our hockey program.

I have always found Mr. Davenport to conduct himself in a professional manner. He has high standards and expectations for himself, and for those with whom he is working. During the time I have worked with Brett he has also demonstrated excellent organizational skills and initative. Brett assesses the situation, identifies what needs to be done, and then proceeds to complete each task thoroughly and in a timely fashion.

Brett Davenport understands the process of organizational change. His presence has been steady, reassuring, and positive as we have addressed the culture surrounding our Ice Hockey program. It is my pleasure to recommend Mr. Brett Davenport, and I am confident that he will be an asset to any program in which he becomes involved."

         Dr. Tamela J. Ray

         Director of Health, Physical Education and Athletics

         Auburn Enlarged City School District

"It is my pleasure to recommend Brett Davenport. His performance working as a coach with me and my team at John Hancock has resulted in visible and dramatic change. The basis of his coaching platform which focuses on goal setting and accomplishments helps to drive results.

I have known Brett for 5 years and have worked with him directly over the past 4 years in my capacity as the National Sales Manager of Inside Sales at John Hancock Investments. Based on Brett's work and comparing it to other programs, I would rank him as one of the best coaches I have had the pleasure of working with. He focuses on what really matters to you and your business by helping you think in a different way. What sets his program apart from others is the accountability aspect. With monthly meetings and quarterly face to face visits, you are held accountable to the goals you have set and achieving those goals. Many programs can help you set goals but the constant accountability that he provides really differentiates his coaching program.

Brett distinguishes himself by consistently coming to each session with a high level of passion and enthusiasm for what he does. He truly cares about his clients and their success. His coaching has helped me continue to drive my career to new levels. If his performance with me and my team is any indication of how he would perform with yours, he would be an extremely positive asset to your program!"

          Katie McKay, National Sales Manager Inside Sales

          John Hancock Investments

"Brett you delivered a presentation to my students that will always be a part of their memory. You truly have a gift and your enthusiasm is infectious and wonderful to be around! What I enjoyed most about this presentation is the immediate connection between you and your audience. You had their attention the moment they walked through the door. It was inspiring for me to watch the intertest and motivation that you created in each and every student present. You were able to achieve 100% participation, 100% of the time, amazing and very motivational for a teacher to see!"

          Catherine Casaletta, Business Education Teacher

          Auburn High School


"I have had the pleasure of working with Brett Davenport for a little over 5 years now. During this time, "Coach" has been an integral part of my professional development at John Hancock. Not only has he given me the tools to be an effective leader in the business world, but he has also been a guiding force in my own personal/family achievements. Brett's enthusiasm and can do attitude is contagious. He understands the financial services industry, its challenges, and incredible opportunities. "Coach" distinguishes himself by consistently demonstrating great leadership skills. He has the unique ability to take the most challenging situation and break the solution down into small achievable action steps. One valuable lesson Coach has taught me is: "When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves." There is no question in my mind that Brett would be a valuable asset to any organization!"

          Andy J. McFetridge, National Sales Manager Wirehouse Channel

          John Hancock Investments


"What a pleasure and an honor to have you speak at Residency on Friday. You are an excellent speaker. You're in the "Big Leagues" of keynote speaking, consulting and coaching. You live what you preach. You walk the talk. Chris Argyris, a reknown OD scholar (look him up if my brief mention of him piques your intellectual curiousity) describes "espoused values" versus "theory in use," and you definitely live with both of those in sync. Additionally, your delivery is about as polished and engaging as anyone I have ever experienced. All of this, and you are truly a good guy to boot. You are the total package.

Brett, students were talking all afternoon, into the evening at dinner, and the next day, about the impression you made on them. Your observations about the effects of parental behaviors on children were recounted several times, as was your goal-setting discussion. You discussion about re-inventing yourself inspired and uplifted folks to embrace their own re-inventions. I have no doubt there will be a ripple effect on many people as a result of your speech.

Personally, I am so glad I know you!"

          Julie Gedro, MBA, PHR, EdU

          Associate Professor of Business, Management & Economics

          Director, FORUM Central Management Program

          Faculty Chair, Empire State College


"What is great about Brett is his listening/consultative skills. He is not telling me what my personal and professional goals should be and how to go about attaining them. He listens to help me to identify what I feel are my personal and professional goals. He then helps me realize, prioritize, simplify and order the steps I feel I need to make to reach those goals and consults with me as I reach obstacles or get caught up in the minutia of achieving my goals. Thank you Brett!"

          William McDonough

          Senior Vice President, Business Consultant

          John Hancock Investments


"I am writing this letter to recommend Brett Davenport as a Life Coach. I first met Brett while he was speaking to an FBLA-PBL group in May 2013 as a Life Coach/Motivational Speaker. He is extremely passionate about his work and is very willing to take on new challenges and responsibilities. His performance was quite remarkable and that impressed me. I hired him to be my Life Coach in June of 2013 and he has done great work in getting my goals and aspirations in line. I was floundering and he helped me realize the potential I had in myself and to take more charge of my life and I have! I'm totally confident that Brett Davenport shall definitely become a very valuable asset to anyone that wants to make a positive change in his or her life, he is very visible and holds me to a higher standard!"

          Christopher D. Fama M.A.

          Professor of Business/Communication at DeVry University


 "I have had the pleasure of working with Brett as a coach and mentor over the last 4 years. Going on my 18th year in the financial services industry, Brett has shown me ways to break down barriers, set goals, motivate, and take my team to new heights. Brett is a professional with extensive industry knowledge and incredible leadership skills. I highly recommend Brett Davenport. He is a great team player combined with a winning attitude that is infectious. Brett would bring ideas and strategies to any organization that wishes to achieve great heights!"

         Robert Milliman, Senior Vice President

         Divisional Sales Manager

         John Hancock Investments


“Brett Davenport has been an integral aspect of my professional development. Not only has he been a guiding force in my own personal achievements, but he has given me the tools and resources to succeed in the business world. Brett's willingness to help the eager individuals that serve him is a true testament to his knowledge of what it takes to build a leader and the secret to surrounding yourself with other successful, driven professionals. He is one of the most inspirational people in the business world today. Be sure to listen when he takes the time to give you advice and encouragement, it will make the difference! Believe.”

Ashley Hoey
PR & Marketing, New York, NY


“Brett Davenport is an incredibly insightful leader in our industry. He is a no-nonsense mind who understands the profession, its challenges and unbridled opportunities. This is an impressive individual who is as candid as he is imaginative.”

Laurence Barton, PhD
President and O. Alfred Granum Professor of Management
The American College


"I have been in the financial services business for 17 years. I had a pretty good career going and was doing fine, but not near where I knew I should be. In August of 2011 I met with a friend of mine who was also a financial advisor. He mentioned that he had hired a business coach and that he was having his best year ever. I knew I needed help if I was going to become the best person I could be, But I was a little hesitant in committing. Would I be able to afford it? Could one person really help me get to the next level I always hoped I would reach? My friend set up a conference call with Brett Davenport and we spoke for about 30 minutes. He explained his process to help executives reach their goals and what it would entail both financially and from a time commitment. I spoke with my wife and we decided to make the investment. Am I glad we did! My business during those 12 months we have worked together went up by 60%. My second year working with Brett, my income doubled from when I first signed on with Brett. How did this happen? First of all he made me focus on the major things in my life and not the dozens of minor things that I was always thinking about. Brett held me accountable. I knew that each month I would be reporting back to him. I did not want to tell him the tasks we agreed that I would do were not completed. Brett has my best interests foremost in his thoughts. He wants me to succeed as badly as I do. Not just because I will continue to pay him a fee, but because he wants me and my family to be happy. My family was great before I met Brett, but now I feel more in control of all aspects of my life; financially, physically and my financial planning practice. I know I have just touched the surface and there is so much more that I will achieve with Brett's guidance. I am thrilled to have Brett as my coach and friend as we continue to win!"

          Roland Greco, Financial Planner

          Premier College Funding


 “I have the utmost respect for Brett Davenport. He inspires you the moment he says "hello" - if you're looking for an individual to motivate, Brett Davenport is your guy. Having known and worked with Brett for the better part of 15 years - I have never seen a down moment. His message is inspiring, as is the way he carries himself in his professional and family life.”

Gary Hoy
CEO, Appointment University


“I am writing this letter as a formal letter of reference for Mr. Brett Davenport. It is my pleasure to send this letter, as I have great respect for Mr. Davenport. When you receive a call that simply states "I'm not sure what I need to do, but I want to achieve the next level of polish and leadership, can you help me?" You take special note of the caller. That call came to me from Mr. Davenport approximately thirteen years ago. Since that time, he has consistently kept my attention by way of his warm personality and outstanding personal and professional achievements.

Adult learning is unique in the manner adult students first mentally and emotionally commit to learning. Immediately, they look for the real-life experience and credibility from their instructor. From that point forward, they desire inspiration, motivation and enthusiasm to maintain engagement. Brett Davenport will achieve this plus so much more in any classroom. Brett's ability to motivate people through his enthusiasm, his ability to create relevance through real-life experiences to the material he is presenting and finally his deep passion to grow people are key factors in creating a credible and effective learning environment.

Based on my professional experience working with some of the most elite Dale Carnegie instructors around the globe, I would be honored to have Brett as part of our instructional team. Brett will move your program to the highest level possible!”

Leslie English, Managing Partner
Dale Carnegie Training of CNY


“Brett Davenport is an outstanding student of leadership. A quick examination of his professional career path clearly illustrates his leadership and how others have recognized his leadership capabilities. He has the ability to inspire others to perform well beyond their expectations. Brett is a team player and major contributor to the team.”

Glenn Boseman, DBA, CLU, CLF
Professor of Leadership
The American College


“Two words to describe my friend and mentor Brett Davenport... Infectious SUCCESS!!!! He embodies the words positive energy and is my living, go to and learn from empowerment manual. Brett's clear, concise, relative and just plain effective leadership has molded my personal and professional dreams into reality. Bottom line, if you are privileged to be mentored by Brett Davenport you will leave a better person from the first conversation. He resonates leadership from his core. Brett is simply the best in the business!”

Corey (Coach) Parker
President of Strength in Motion
Former Syracuse University Associate Head Strength and Conditioning Football Coach


“It is said that, “A great leader is someone people choose to follow to places that they wouldn't go themselves.” Brett Davenport is such a leader and motivator. He creates an environment where people feel energized and capable of accomplishing anything. He leads as a partner in the effort while creating a feeling of empowerment in the people whose lives he touches. I am proud to call Brett Davenport a friend.”

Peter Molnar
President & CEO, Molnar Financial Group, Inc.

“I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Brett Davenport for over 10 years.  Brett is family-oriented, civic minded, focused, and results driven.  His enthusiasm is contagious, and he is an immediate asset in any environment.  In sum, Brett Davenport is the “real deal.”

Raymond Quick
Educator / Consultant


“Brett Davenport gave me a shot at a promotion as a young man when others may not have and I am forever grateful.  He saw something in me that others, including myself, could not see. That was the tip of the iceberg. What he gave me thereafter was an education in life, leadership, and management.  Always the consummate coach, Brett was able to elevate me to levels I would not have risen to on my own. This was to lay the foundation for my development for years to come.  I still, to this day, go back to the techniques and guidance that Brett has given me over the years.  Brett personified passion, desire, professionalism, and getting the most out of individuals. I consider Brett a lifelong Mentor, Coach, and Friend.”

Matt Dauksza, CFP, CLU
4 Time Trophy Winning, General Manager

 Prudential Financial Services


“Brett (Coach) Davenport is the epitome of success! He consistently performs at an extremely high level, has a constant winning attitude, and never accepts less than the absolute best from himself or from those he surrounds himself with. It's my sincere belief that when we align ourselves with high performers, we ourselves become high performers too. For nearly a decade, Coach Davenport has been my mentor, both in business and in life, and has become a great friend in the process. He has been a source of encouragement, guidance, and disciplines, which are all must have ingredients when you possess a leadership role as he does. His task oriented approach to setting and reaching goals have contributed in a BIG way to both my personal and professional success in life. The "Leadership Playbook" is the game plan that must be put into action today, because it works!"

Lucas Gross, #1 Best-Selling Author
Business Entrepreneur and Real Estate Professional


“As a recurring Top of the Table and Million Dollar Round Table producer in the Life Insurance Industry, I have had the opportunity and good fortune to be in the presence of some of the world’s top motivational speakers.  Brett Davenport, during the time that we were associates, not only recruited and developed some of the most successful Life Insurance agents and sales managers, but succeeded in maintaining a high level of energetic motivation for his entire staff. Through his positive management style and winning outlook, he led his team to win his company’s National Trophy for Life Insurance sales. He truly ranks among the world’s best!”

Dalton J. Raymond
14 time qualifier for the prestigious MDRT “Top of the Table”
Trophy Winning Insurance Professional, multiple times with multiple companies


"Brett Davenport is the most professional, motivating, powerful leader and coach I have ever met! Over the years he has taught me so much that it feels like I utilize something from his tool box of wisdom every day! His smile, positive attitude and high level of energy are extremely rare and always leave you feeling better about yourself when you’re in his presence! I’m proud to call Brett my Mentor!”

Mark Spinelli


"If you happen to be one of those fortunate people in life who has someone come into your life, extend a sincere hand of friendship, mutual respect, and devotes his boundless energy to learning how to "coach" you to the best you can be and show you how, just maybe, your expectations have been limited by your own fear of stepping out of your comfort zone....a man who has passion, conviction and extraordinary skills in persuasion, motivation and public speaking ...a man who loves life and cherishes every blessing he has received...then, let me introduce you to Brett Davenport!”

Lee M. Gatta, MS, CLU, AEP, ChFC
Financial Planner and 10 time “MDRT” Qualifier


“Brett Davenport has not only been a great friend but a person who has influenced me both physically and mentally.  As a motivator and leader his beliefs and actions have helped me to become one of the top sales representatives within my company.  My work ethic would not be where it is today without the persistence and focus that Brett has taught me. The tips that he has in his book truly can change your life if you believe in yourself and him.”

Adam Gillan
Award Winning, Customer Business Development Manager


"Brett Davenport is the most passionate and motivational speaker on leadership in the business today! Brett's personal coaching changed my life. To have passion and purpose in your career, in your education and in your life is the core essence of Brett's mentoring. Five years into a mediocre career in the financial services industry, I had the privilege of being recruited, working for and being mentored by one of the finest leaders in America, Brett Davenport! Although I was motivated, I lacked focus and direction; Brett changed that and took me to levels I did not believe were possible through proper goal setting and vision! There is no question in my mind that his coaching has been and will continuously influence my life in a positive direction!”

Joseph Basile CRPC®, CLU®, ChFC®
Assistant Vice President and Senior Financial Advisor
Merrill Lynch


"Leadership:  Merriam-Webster defines it as; an act or instance of leading”

“I however, expand their definition to include; one’s ability to consistently lead others to perform beyond their expectations.  Brett M. Davenport exemplifies my definition of Leadership.”

“As a Husband, Father, Colleague, Friend, and Coach, Brett Davenport has successfully led individuals and organizations to heights otherwise not achievable.  It’s been my experience that Brett’s formula of applying concepts of positive thinking, determination, and commitment to “Team” are the foundation of his result-based success.”

“It is my privilege to be his Brother, Friend, and Student.”

Brent L. Davenport
Managing Principal
Infrastructure Design, Inc